Acoustic, Digital, Virtual Audio

A language drawing on found sounds and music from many cultures and times, setting control against abandon, blending symmetry and fluidity.

I compose music for musicians, make occasional pieces of radio art and build geo-located soundscapes.

The plan is to build music you can walk inside like a sonic structure with imaginary spaces populated by fantastical voices. It is coming.


String Quartet No.3, in progress

The Lion Within, audio production [Equality Now: Survivors’ Voices]


String Quartet No.2

Accordioneiricon, [Cities and Memory: The Next Station]

Postcode War, geo-located soundscape in South East London.


Fragments for solo viola

The Transfer of Affects for string orchestra


Written in Water, geo-located soundscape in Gosport, Hampshire.

Written in Water [ radio production]


Audio Portrait of a City, geo-located soundscape in Southampton, Hampshire.

Little Cluster Essay for Player Pianos

November Tea Party [ radio production]

Oktoberfest [ radio production]

full list of work here